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How do I buy from you?

Well,our website is a selection of inventory form preferred dealers and private sellers. You would pick a vehicle and “Make an Offer” or “Buy it Now”. Once You make the offer,you will br prompted to either “Sign In” or “Make an Account”. It’s totally free. Once you submit the offer, the owner of the vehicle will respond with an approval or a counter offer. if you did “Buy Now”, then,you and the owner wil receive a Purchse Order ( contact the dealer to acquire the correct taxes and registration fees). You would then, just pay for the vehicle and pick up or get it delivered(charges may apply).

Can I drive it first?

Absolutely. Once you “Make an Offer”,you will receive information on the exact location/dealer and the contact person of the vehicle. You would,simple,just co-ordinate with that person and go test drive the vehicle.

Do you offer Financing?

No. We are a website that allows dealer to sell vehicles at auction values. You may pay cash ,finance through the dealership ,or use your own bank/credit union.

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How It Works

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