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About Us

1 Click Auto Auction (“NO AUCTION FEES”) was founded by Car Guys who wanted a better outcome than to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in auction fees. With over 60 years of combined experience in the automotive world, we have developed “THE 1 CLICK AUTO AUCTION PHONE APP” that will save our dealers time and money. The 1 Click App brings auction buyers and sellers together immediately. Buy and sell inventory anytime, anywhere with (“NO AUCTION FEES”). While at the golf course, home, lunch, or at work, take control of your inventory using the 1 Click Auto Auction Phone App.


The Car Guys’ mission is to provide an impressive process to buy and sell inventory between dealers, independents, and wholesalers. The 1 Click Auto Auction APP eliminates all auction fees. Our members know the car business and 1 Click Auto Auction is the bond that brings everyone together Save time

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Our Vision is to eliminate the high cost of auction fees. We will bring buyers and sellers to you within 15 minutes. Turn old age inventory into a profit center. Close more car deals. Spend less time at the auction and more time doing what you do BEST. Putting more profit to your bottom line.


1 Click Auto Auction App is your own personal real-time auto auction system. Post or purchase as many vehicles you want with NO AUCTION FEES. Our industry leading appraisal tool app is included with all subscriptions. Get notifications when vehicles you need are placed in auction. End of day auction results for all listings in your

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Developed by Car Guys for Car Guys

You know the business, and we KNOW you know the business. We created 1 Click Auto Auction for those who can describe a vehicle and price it right. You Car Guys will be able to supply and sell your inventory without having to fight the crowds at the auction. No more fees. Buy or sell from the golf course, at lunch, at home or in the office. All trading is done from the simplicity of our app on your smart phone. Never miss out on a vehicle that meets your Core Inventory. Don’t have time to watch each auction? , Set a MAX BID and move on with your day. Nothing is simpler than “1 Click Auto Auction”.

Why Choose Us

1 Click Auto Auction was designed for the franchise, independent, multi-store chains and single lot dealer locations. Nobody likes paying Auction Fees. Eliminate wasting all day at the auction. Eliminate all Auction Fees with the 1 Click Platform. We are here to Save you Time and Money. Join Today and Start Saving.

1 Click Auto Auction LLC 13785- Research Blvd #125, Austin, TX 78750, USA +1-877-659-8668 Sales@1Clickaa.com Hours of Operations 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday to Friday