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“Been on 1 Click for about a month and a half, so far it’s been a great tool for us. It’s easy to use, that 1 thing I like about it the best. I’ve listed 7 or 8 cars and I know I have sold 4 of them and those that I have sold I am around 50% and of course the good thing is you know is No Fees. I would highly recommend it, I watch the auctions. There are 2, 3 or 4 auctions everyday and if it’s something that I am interested in I’m going to take a look at it and bid on it. I think you should give it a try. It works…”
Carter Boyer with Jordan Ford quote
“1 Click Auto Auction, it’s a great platform to be on, it’s easy. Been on it for about 30 days and I have bought 2 vehicles and sold 1. I can post them anytime I want, doesn’t cost a dime, at my leisure. With it as bad as it is to get inventory right now, as hard as it is, it’s just an easy thing to do with all the dealers that are getting on board. Every dollar counts, I need to save every penny I can and there are No Fees. I recommend it to everybody, it’s worry free, easy and it is the way to go.
Randy Cash with Apple Leasing 4 Points quote
“I have used 1 Click Auto Auction for about a month, I have bought 3 vehicles, sold all of them. Easy to post, easy to buy, finding inventory I can’t find anywhere else right now. Tough market as we all know. I recommend it highly to anybody, I don’t pay a dime in fees. I sit at my desk and I can see vehicles every day. Matter of fact I have it programmed for anything that I would filter parameters on what I want and it pops up every time 1 comes up on auction. I can look at it yay nay, I can plug it in make a decision put a price on it and go on about my business. It works, you ought to try it.”
Jim Thompson
GM of 1st Texas Honda Pre-owned

Texas Honda Superstore

Apple 4 Points

Jordan Ford in San Antonio

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