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Get auction results in 15 minutes with NO BUY or SELL FEES… The 1 Click Auto Auction app was designed to make the used car process more efficient. In less than 1 minute, post old age stale inventory and have 10’s of 100’s of buyers fight over your inventory. Save time and
money every day with 1 Click.

1 .Scan Vin & Add Miles

 The 1 Click Auto Auction App has 1 of the fastest and most accurate VIN SCANNERS on the planet. We partnered with the industry’s unparalleled resource for accurate, timely and complete vehicle data) and UnityWorks. Whether you are posting to our 15-minute auction or getting an accurate appraisal of a vehicle, to complete your car deal, our 1Click app will save you time and money.

2 .Photo then Describe

The 1 Click app will prompt you to take 5 mandatory photos but you can load up to 12 descriptive photos. You should describe your vehicle the way you would want it described to you. Each seller will be rated on the accuracy of each auction posted. Keep in mind, you must retain a 2.5 or higher star rating to continue to sell on the 1 Click Auto Auction app.

3 .Set Auction Price & Sell

This screen, in the 1 Click app, will show you all of the accurate books(NADA, Blackbook…) and CarFax* &/or Autocheck* Vehicle History Reports(*Subject to subscription). You will set your 15-minute Auction filters (Reserve, Buy It Now and Start Time) and save. Now you will have 10’s of 100’s of dealers and wholesalers bidding on your auction.

When the auction ends, the seller and the buyer (or top 3 highest bidders) are notified immediately by text and email. All contact information and invoices will be delivered to both parties to schedule pickup and payment for the Auction transaction. The buyer and seller will receive a 5 startext survey 3 days after the auction ends. Remember, you must retain a 2.5 or higher star rating to continue to buy or sell on the 1 Click Auto Auction