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Meet the Team

Mark Gibson - 1clickautoauction

Mark is an accomplished executive, process manager, and digital consultant in the automobile retail industry for over 30 years.  He is from Lubbock, Texas and went to Texas Tech University.  One of his first job’s in the car business was as an Internet Sales Director.  His ideas and process implementation led to the dealers’ best years.  From there, he was elected to the General Motors dealer advisory board from 2001-2008.  His duties involved a great deal of traveling, which allowed him to absorb how dealers across the country were handling internet sales.  He encountered a considerable amount of resistance, as dealers had not embraced selling or marketing their vehicles on the internet as readily.  Nonetheless, he persevered and established himself a considerable reputation for all things digital.  Mark, then, became part of the Chrysler Digital Internet 20 group, where he taught many dealer representatives internet processes and digital marketing.  At that point, he started Gibson Technology Solutions to continue to consult dealerships with groundbreaking technology and processes to improve efficiencies.  He invented 1Click Auto Auction with Brian Bruce.  1Click Auto Auction is a powerful tool that enables dealerships to acquire and sell inventory at a fraction of the cost of a traditional auction.  Mark’s revolutionary thinking is once again disrupting the auto industry and moving it forward.  He would love to speak to you, so just get in touch!