SET YOUR FILTERS | 1click Public Auto Auction


Find the Exact Inventory you want to be notified on

Once you set your filters, makes, models, miles, price and distance from your location, you will only receive alerts on vehicles you need to fill your core inventory.


No Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Set your price and /or mileage filter so that you are not notified on cash or worn out vehicles. Save Time and Get Exactly What You Need.

Example Filters:
  1.  Buy Here Pay Here Inventory Filters- 2005-2017, Miles Under 150k and Under $16k
  2. Mercedes Benz Dealer Filters- 2012 -2020, Miles Under 80k and Over $15k
  3.  Chevy Dealer Filters-2000-2020, Miles Under 100k and under $60k